Three is not we're bringing a Troll

Playing with Fire 2
Frankie's Take on Events

Prologue Session 2 – Playing with Fire.

  • We place the box in the hall closet and leave it wrapped in the blanket and then we go to sleep.
  • I sleep really, really well that night after finding the lockbox until I am awoken by Merlin screaming.
  • Clive and I both enter the living room to find Merlin awake and covered in sweat.
  • I check Merlin over and find a well-hidden, high grade data jack in Merlin’s back. I will talk to Clive later about that…
  • Clive adds that he also had the same dream but it was nothing like what Merlin experienced.
  • I think we are going to have to sell the locker but how? I do not have the contacts for this.
  • But that is something for tomorrow – sleep time!
  • In the morning while microwaving breakfast I tell Clive about what I found on Merlin. Clive is like WTF!?!?!?!
  • I send a message to my ‘Uncle Victor’ (his answering service) to say that I have an item I am looking to ‘offload’ for the right price and that I am calling him first as I think it is that important.
  • We wait and eat breakfast and then ‘Uncle’ calls and we discuss – he is sending a Mr Wolf to appraise the item and deal with the situation. And I have to call my mother…
  • Clive is going out to get some food from the Stuffer Stack nearby. I sit out on the balcony and watch Clive go to the Stuffer Stack while I also keep an eye out for trouble.
  • Merlin goes and has a shower – he is in there for some time – he sees the picture with my Teams completion of training at the Ares Training Facility when he comes back out.
  • A car (Lincoln) pulls up outside the Stuffer Stack – EIJ-1010 is the plate. One guy goes into the Stuffer Stack and another eventually gets out and crosses the road but I lose sight of him.
  • Clive returns and shows Merlin the soy food and then gets him to cook some food – Merlin eats it and throws straight up into the sink.
  • The guys have not come back out of the building by the time we eat food.
  • The door buzzes and it is Mr Wolf and I let him in. No one else enters and he comes up. I introduce Mr T and Mr Merlin and then show him the lockbox – Mr Wolf plugs are jack into his forehead and says
  • Wolf 359 with an old flip up phone – the box will not contain the entity for much longer. He sends a photo and we make a deal – 10K retainer and 15% of whatever profits ‘Uncle’ can get.
  • Mr Wolf waits and says to Merlin – have we met before? Don’t think so (but I can tell he is still curious).
  • We chat and then the pickup occurs
  • Mr Wolf hands me his card as well as he leaves. Mr Wolf (Associate) – mobile number and email. MRV Incorporated. Colin is the lead delivery person.
  • And I ring my mother… dinner arranged
  • I give Merlin the option to say or come with us to the Rock and Troll Bar in the evening.
  • De’Pinda calls – he has a delivery and is downstairs. He comes in with a tray of FRESH Steak. Well DAMN!!!! Doug’s wife sent this through as a thank you for what we did last night. Wife came out and paid 100 credits. There is like 10K of Food here…
  • We then have lunch! De’Pinda and A’Phoo have a chat and we find out that Merlin is the one the guys in the Lincoln are looking for!
  • There is a guy watching from the shadows on the same side of the street as my apartment as well! Clive spooks him though and the guy tries to leave but Clive gives pursuit and knocks him unconscious (seriously this is a good neighbourhood…)
  • Clive carries in the Corp Henchmen that he has killed with one blow. The body has the following items.

    • Shoulder holsters with 2 Ares Predators and extra clips.
    • I break the comm link to stop tracking
    • 6 computer cards with numbers.
    • Datapad in the lined coat. No tattoo’s on him after stripping him.
    • He has a number of augmentations but not a lot.
    • Ring with an opal on a finger
    • SIN Cred-stick.
  • I am looking for tracking devices but so far find none. The cards, cred-stick and datapad (turned off) are placed in a bag.
  • I get De’Pinda to bring in his taxi so that we can take away the body and then we will go to work. We go down to the carpark and then take the back way into the warehouse area. Before we go further we look around for anyone tracking us.
  • Merlin and Clive see two corp guys guarding the rear entrance – seems they have come to investigate their missing corp mage. We continue on and bypass the area and De’Pinda takes us to a low income (OutReamer) area so we can burn the face and hands before dumping the body.
  • De’Pinda says he will take us to ‘The Tunnel’ – it is on the edge of OutReamer – it is an underground tunnel that was to link the island and the mainland. It failed but you can access it via a bridge.
  • There are lots of gangers and smugglers here – no super scum bags here. No police come in here. We see a ‘meeting’ going down and people cooking at fires. We wrap the body in a blanket and will take it somewhere below and have Merlin burn the face and hands.
  • We go down to level 5 (we also notice that the Food Court is now called Smugglers Court – could be useful later. We can see a number of people squatting here and there are about 6 people walking in the dark going one direction – we decide to go the opposite way.
  • There are a lot of ferals here – down on their luck people
  • 100m down we find a room where safety staff would go – we go in (no one there) and let Merlin do his shit. Clive and I watch the entrance to make sure we are not being followed.
  • First Merlin melts the flesh and then casts Fireball! People panic and run for the hills and we then head out. There is a voice of ‘this is our tunnel’ but we ignore it and leave anyway.
  • As we get to the top we see a semi-trailer turn up and it heads down a ramp towards the rear of the complex where the docking area is – might be associated with the Smugglers Court. We still leave as De’Pinda is in the carpark.
  • He then takes us to work at the Rock and Troll Bar.
  • We wait an hour and then go on shift – I ask Merlin to staff in the rear staff area, while Clive is on the door and I am inside watching from the upstairs VIP area.
  • Later that evening 5 ‘runners’ enter (no warning signs so far but we keep an eye on them) and they look around the floor – Renaldo and Tom are the other security people on tonight, plus the bartender.
  • I alert security that the 5 individuals took an interest in me so Renaldo and Clive swap places with Clive sneaking in. Seriously he is so damn stealthy for a Troll!
  • Tom is in the staff room with Merlin chatting and is ready if shit goes down.
  • I ask Merlin to astral project his spirit to spot anything ‘strange’. He sees the one near the door astral perceiving and is quite powerful – This guy will be my first target and I let Clive know this as well.
  • Tom goes to his locker and loads his shotgun and says thanks for listening and goes to the doorway to the entrance of the main room.
  • Eventually we discover that the group are looking for me. Hmmm I wonder why that is.
  • The mage joins the group at the table. We let the bar go back to normal but we keep an eye on the 5 individuals.
  • Renaldo says that a VIP is coming in as a party of five – I get a table ready for them.
  • The VIPS are young with slicked back hair – the main guy with a friend and two women plus one security guy.
  • Luigi is the son of a local mafia guy – the older security guy is around 55 – all are human and they sit at their favourite table. Luigi pulls out a cash clip and is loud and obnoxious but does not hurt anyone.
  • The guy at the bar points at the clock after about 40 mins and then talks to the bartender and the second guy is suddenly freaking out – bad cyber ware maybe? – and then the second guy storms out and lights a cigarette.
  • There is a band on tonight – a local musical performer that has made good in the area. It is not the local grunge so it could be good.
  • The guy outside is talking to a person in a car and then gets in and talks to someone in the back seat – the car is Americar.
  • Merlin goes for a second astral jaunt to see what he is up. There are three people in the car (driver and one in the rear that has magic ability) and the person also has an active spell on him – like armour and the ciggy guy is talking to him. An Air spirit comes past and nothing happens.
  • Inside the ‘leader’ goes over to the table and sits with the other three.
  • 20 mins later the guy gets out of the car and tries to get back in and has a fight with Renaldo on the door – Clive goes out and sees that Renaldo has been wounded and the other guy in on the ground unconscious.
  • Clive sees the guy in the car about to shoot Renaldo and Clive takes out the driver that was about to fire. Super Stealthy Troll again!
  • Clive restrains the crazy guy and the Americar screeches away, wheels spinning.
  • Merlin and Tom enter and are heading towards the door. They runners recognise Merlin and they freak! (I do not see this unfortunately). 
  • One of them talks to Merlin and says ‘No Maximillian we are talking here’.
  • I start to go down the stairs and Clive comes in the rear door after putting the ciggy smoking runner in a small room and again sneaks into the bar area.
  • Merlin says something to the LEADER and he runs towards the door; even Tom stepped back from Merlin.
  • Combat is quick and deadly with the four runners all dying quickly – The Shift Manager recovers quickly and says ‘Free drinks all round!’ This works a charm and we quickly take the bodies of the 4 dead ‘runners’ to the back room and Merlin heals Renaldo.
  • Loot!

    • Magic foci
    • Scanner and Weapons
    • Comms Gear
  • The Shift Manager says Merlin is welcome anytime at the Rock and Troll Bar.
  • We still have the one guy out the back that is alive that we can question.
  • Renaldo is with Merlin – Tom is the floater and I am in the VIP area while Clive is back on the door.
  • This ciggy guy eventually wakes up, sees Merlin and says ‘FUCK ME!?!?!?!’
  • He then sees his dead mates and is scared. Renaldo intimidates the guy and he starts to scream and then Renaldo puts the gag on him.
  • The night continues and then the musical guest arrives and Renaldo lets them in.
  • The stage is set and then the DJ starts to play some music and a female elf comes out and starts to sing and make colourful lights all through the air. A truly wonderful visual and audible experience.
  • The last VIP group is with the performer – some elves, human suit and an Ork bodyguard.
  • Luigi is being a pain – ‘Oh when is this going to end!’ After 45mins the performance ends – it was very good and very different.
  • The DJ says ‘Give it up for Goldarin!’
  • She gives autographs as goes and sits with the final VIP group.
  • The younger crowd come in after the performance as the cliental leave.
  • Luigi is getting drunk and says terrible things. There is almost a fight between Goldarin’s bodyguard and Luigi’s bodyguard.
  • Tell Gill that I enjoyed performing here and they leave through the front after Luigi leaves.
  • Luigi has an altercation with Clive outside – Luigi is a real Dickhead and then vomits everywhere and Luigi is then man handled to the car and they leave. He will not remember the night.
  • Goldarin and her group get into a limo and after signing some more autographs they leave.
  • Eventually it is closing time – last drinks and we check the toilets etc. to make sure there are no more straddlers. Eventually we do the final walk around and return to the tea room.
  • The guy’s name is Lynx – he is really scared.

    • Ken was in charge.
    • John in the back seat – what corp?
    • Talk to me about… and John is worried about it. What is the item? The lockbox!
    • John told us that Merlin was dead and that I was one of the last people to be with Merlin. John just wants the case.
    • Lynx has no idea what corp he was working for.
    • How do we contact John – through the comlink
    • We ring ‘John’ – then it answers – John it is Lynx.
    • John hangs up on us and then the number is disconnected – lynx freaks!
    • Merlins picture is very grainy – the picture is familiar.
    • My picture is my Lone Star Graduation picture.
    • There are also

      • There are other pictures of a four walled room
      • Picture of a security lock and a set of numbers 546317
      • Address of the Rock and Troll Bar
      • My full name and details and a short bio – threat level high.
      • Maximillian BLAR – believed dead – known locations – my suburb
      • Nothing about EVO corp.
  • There are camera’s on the Dock and front door but that is about it. Lynx says he has information from before and will trade – he wants to live.
  • Lynx picked up Merlin from the room and took Merlin and the box to a group in a warehouse – there was a corp guy (the mage) and they dropped the box and Merlin off at the warehouse and left believing Merlin would be killed.
  • The next day they get another call – more money – go and talk to Me and find out about the locked box.
  • Lynx explains his team picked up Merlin (he was already drugged) from a Sunset Hotel. He had to be dropped off alive. They did this and all done.
  • Lynx’s fixer knew about this John and hooked up the team. We ask about the Fixer – Clarence and he is based out of the BodyMall in Renton. Cyberware augmentation etc. Office 16. Lynx also gives us his number. If he asks and we are on the level – Lynx says that he hates golf. Add this and Clarence will know we are on the level.
  • Ken dealt with John normally and the only thing Ken sad was that Merlin was awakened – whatever that means. Renaldo knows what it means.
  • The Un-registered cred-stick has at least 15K credits on it – this was the one on Ken’s body
  • Renaldo explains that awakened individuals are Magical Adept, Technomancers, Mages and Shamans.
  • We load the bodies into the van and will also take them to ‘The Tunnels’ for disposal before going home and we agree to let Lynx go as he has to now leave Seattle – it is a little too hot for him now.

Things to do – tell Mr Wolf about ‘John’ who is looking for the case – the contact number that was disconnected and explain that people believed Merlin was dead. Will also provide details on the runner team and their fixer Clarence. If this 'John' wants the case badly enough he can pay for it.

Playing With Fire
Session 2 Prequel

We Sleep. I dream that I am back where we rescued Merlin & he's not tied up to the fire, but he is there and the fire is still burning & its calling to me saying "Come, Come" and then the dream goes away.

I wake up to screams & I grab my baseball bat & open the door to see what all the commotion is about.

Panzer is there also. Merlin says "he was on fire" & says that he was back at the bonfire & is sweating like a pig & says "I think it's the box, it's bad". Panzer does a quick first aid check & notices something on Merlin. I mention I had the same dream, but not as bad as Merlin. Merlin and I had a linked dream of sorts.

Panzer says he's going back to bed & says to Merlin to have some water and try to get some sleep. I go back to bed. Panzer and I get some sleep & Merlin has some trouble sleeping.

We let Merlin sleep, while Panzer cooks breakfast (soy crap). He tells me what he found on Merlin and I go "WTF :O"

Panzer rings his contact "Mr. Victor" & is told he is unavailable & that he will ring Panzer back. 2 hours later Panzer gets a call from an unkown number & says "Good Morning Uncle", and explains what we have in the closet. Panzer makes a times for someone to come and looks at the box.

I say I'm going to the stuffa shack to get everybody some food. As I'm leaving, I help an old lady take rubbish out & go outside & walk down to the shop. I have a look around as i cross the road. I walk toward the shack & the shop link comes up in my eyes & i notice that they have REAL MEAT. I enter the shop & Apu is behind the counter & asks "What would I like today?" I say meat & he says SOY MEAT OR MEAT MEAT. I say meat meat and we go down to his "meat locker". He has salami, champagne ham & pork. Apu says 53 credits a slice and I ask for 3 slices of each (450 credits) & Apu throws in some drinks & chips for free. I pay & grab the stuff & leave. As I am leaving the shack, a dude walks in dressed in a lined coat & sunglasses, nods at me as I exit & I nod back. I swipe myself into the building & go up to Panzers apartment via the elevator. I come inside & Merlin is awake & looks like he has had a shower. Merlin tries the soy crap & immedately throws it up in the kitchen sink.

Panzer gets a buzz on his intercom & buzzes somebody in, Then there is a knock on the door. Panzer opens it & a gentleman says he is "Mr. Wolf" and he is an associate of "Mr. Victor"

Panzer shows Mr Wolf the box & explains what the box is & Mr Wolf does some scans & plugs into his deivce & says that the box has magical properties. He takes out his phone & takes a photo & then makes a call. We only here his side of the conversation. We make a deal of a $10,000 credit retainer for the box and then 15% of the total price when the box is sold.

Panzer & Mr Wolf make small talk and is told by his "uncle" to call your mother.

Panzer transfers $3,300 credits into my account and I text my Mechanic to say that I am transferring $2,000 to him to buy more parts for my Jackrabbit. He tells me $100K to make it the Jackrabbit of all Jackrabbits, so far I have given him $15k and now another $2,000.

Panzer says tht he wants to start his own security firm. Also says that working for his uncle is an option but he wants to be his own person. He said maybe start out being like a liason group between the Ork Underground and the local council.

Panzer says to Merlin that we both have a shift at the club tonight & asks if he would like to stay here or come with us. Merlin says he would like to come as he would like to see more of the city.

Panzer gets a call from Dupinder (taxi driver) & says he has a delivery. We buzz him up & let him in. He's carrying a plate. Panzer takes it into the kitchen & removes the cloth off the top and there is 6 steaks and some cold cuts. Dupinder is asked to stay for a steak. He says Doug and his wife gave him this to deliver to us and that he also got $100 credits to make the delivery. Dupinder & I go to the Stuffa Shack to get dinks & Panzer says that Apu had a visitor today. We go into the stuffa shack to get drinks and a really nice card for Doug & his wife.

Dupinder talks to Apu in Indian and asks about his visitor he had today. While I'm looking at cards he comes up to me and says that Apu's visitors were looking for somebody. He said the person they were looking for is small. I mention Merlin's description and Dupinder says that it matches the description of who they are looking for. Dupinder goes and get drinks and pays for them. I get a really nice card.

We leave & I have a look around & notice a dude hiding really well. I glance in his direction again & I spook him & he starts walking. I sneak to follow him & blend in really well and he can't see me. He starts to say something into his headset & I walk up behind him and say "Did you loose something?" & punch him to knock him out, but instead i accidently snap his neck :(. I hold him up & carry him back to the apartment (like he"s drunk). People look at me strangely. Dupinder is waiting for me & swipes us in. We get in the elevator & there is a lady in there also. I bring him inside & say this is ne of the guys from the car this morning. I say they are looking for Merlin.

Panzer and I strip the guy & take all his weapons and gear. Panzer breaks the guys headset comms device. Panzer checks out the ring and there is nothing special about it. Merlin does a magical sense on the guy and can tell that the guy had been around a mage in the last couple of hours.

Panzer says that we need to get rid of the body along with his face and finger prints). Dupinder drives in under the building & we take "Bernie" down stairs & we get in the taxi. We leave & go to the place where we found Merlin, to see if anybody has found the bodies. We notice a couple of corp guys hiding along the path/road that goes toward the building where the bodies are. We continue away from them & keep going. We head toward another warehouse area so we can dispose of the body. Dupinder takes us to Outreamer to dispose of the body. We go into the transit centre & go down to level 5 to dispose of the body. Merlin does his thing to get rid of "Bernies" face and finger prints.

As we are walking back to Dupinder we see a Semi-trailer go pass & go down the side of the centre. We get into the taxi & go to the "rock & troll". We arrive & the shift manager says "your early" & Panzer says "had some stuff to take care of". "Also this is a friend of ours "M" and can he wait in the tea room while we are on shift?" and he says "Yeah Ok."

I'm on the door and get the usual crowd & stupid people coming and going. About half way thru the night I get a couple of guys come to the door (look like runners). They ask how much is the cover charge? I look them over looking for concealed weapons (shotguns, assault rifles, ETC), they are all carrying heavy weapons & are dressed like runners. I say "Gentlemen keep your weapons holsted & we don't want any trouble tonight & cover charge is $15 credits each." Front guys says "I'm paying for all 5." I hold out the cred scanner & he swipes his stick & go inside.

Panzer mentions the guys that just walked in have split up & noticed him at the V.I.P. 2 others went to the bar and the other 2 went to a table. Ronaldo says "Panzer, do you need help?" I say Ronaldo can you come to the door. Ronaldo comes to the door & says "Clive you can go" I say "Thanks Ronaldo, your a good little man, HeHeHe" & he says "Clive your ugly" & "I may be small but I'm big where it counts HaHaHa" "I reply TMI Ronaldo".

I blend into the crowd & go over near the guy at the door.

Tom says over the radio that the guy near the door is a powerful mage. After a while the dude at the door walks over to his friends at the table. Ronaldo says there  is a VIP party of 5 (local mafia). 2 dudes at the bar start getting agitatied & one starts walking towards the door & starts putting his hand into his jacket and pulls out a smoke and lighter. Dude is smoking outside.

I hear hear over my comms "Front Door, emergency, Gun, Gun, Gun" I sneak over to the door & hear "BANG BANG BANG" & Panzer says "Shots Fired" I sneak outside & see people scattering & the twitchie guy on the ground & Ronaldo standing over him and the Ares Predator on the ground next to him. Ronaldo has been shot & the guy is unconcious. I notice the driver of the Ford Americar has his window down a bit and he has a gun balanced on the window aimed at Ronaldo.

I pull out my silenced Ares Predator & aim & shoot the guy in the car blowing his brains all over the inside of the car. Ronaldo has taken a hit to his mid section. I say to Ronaldo to grab the gun on the ground & he says "what did you shoot at?" I say "driver in the Americar or whats left of him." I zip tie the twitchie guy and start to take him around into the alley towards the back of the club. Ronaldo picks up the gun and takes the bullets out and puts the gun in the trash. As I'm walking around the side of the club I see the Americar peel out from where is was parked. Ronaldo closes the front door from the outsit and says into the comms "Club is in lockdown."

I zip tie the dude & take him into the back door of the club & leave him there. I silently open the door to the bar & sneak out. I see where the mage is & sneak over to him. I sneak up to him and see that he's already been shot & I put a bullet into his head.

I see the leader drop his gun & starts to run towards the door and me. Merlin said something that scared the crap outta him. As he is running toward me I shoot him in the chest and he is not happy. I shoot him again and kill him.

After its all done Merlin heals Ronaldo and they take all the dead bodies and gear out the back and I return to the door.

The Music Preformer does her set and finishes about 45mins later, after that people start to leave so i can let more people in. The club now turns into an actual dance club for all the younger people.

The mafia guys start to leave and as they walk out the front door Luigi bumps into me and starts going off like a tool (as he is drunk). I say "Please leave and have a nice night" Luigi starts swearing at me and calling me names and saying stuff like he is gonna take me down. I ask them to leave again and again Luigi keeps wanting to have a go. At this point i pull out my baseball bat and ask them to leave before the police are called. Luigi's bodyguard draws his weapon and stands in front of Luigi. I stay standing at the door and wait. Luigi then proceeds to throw up and then decides to let his friend put him into the car. The bodyguard puts his weapon away and gets in the passenger seat and they drive off. 10mins later a female Elf walks out with her entourage and get in their car and also leave. Bartender calls last drinks and then everybody leaves and the bar closes.

We interogate the hostage "Lynx" & he says that they were here to talk to Panzer about a certain box. Lynx says he can contact his employer "John" & he calls him. John answers the phone and Panzer talks to him and discusses the certain box. John hangs up and Lynx is on his own. Merlin says to Lynx "How did you know my real name?" Lynx says the leader "Ken" has pics of Merlin & Panzer & thats why they were wanting to talk to us.

Lynx tells us everything we pretty much want to know about everything.

An Ork, a Troll and a Human board a train...
Frankie's Trainspotting!
  • Frankie and Clive both do shifts as door security \ bouncers at the Rock and Troll Bar.
  • One evening Frankie and Clive were on their way to the Tube Station walking the old neighbourhood Frankie spent time in as a young Ork, we heard a scream from an alley
  • We stopped to have a closer look and were approached by two Gangers that walked out of the alley and told us to more along. They insult us – bad move on their part.
  • Frankie hates bullies – so much so that I say ‘I am taking a piss’ and that move to the entrance of the alley and appear to start pissing.
  • When one of the ganHgers comes or I smash him in the neck and break it. Clive takes out the other one and we move the bodies into the alley.
  • A quick check of the gangers reveals a pentagram carved on their chests. What freaky shit is this! They also have really old equipment \ poorly maintained. Might be of use at some point if I clean it. There is something about the symbol – I remember seeing something like it from my Lone Star days. There is a place in the matrix where I can learn more about it.
  • I also sense that there is ‘something’ strange or magical nearby.
  • Further down the alley is a hold in the warehouse wall – we look inside and see three more gangers and further in the warehouse are more of the gangers and a person stuck to a pole about to be burned alive!
  • Clive sneaks in and uses his baseball bat to smash and then another while I run in and hit the third. Unfortunately one gets away to warn the others. Clive and I take the two bodies outside with the others. They two have the pentagram on their chests.
  • We decide to help the poor person about to burn (though the fire it not touching him for some reason).
  • Clive sneaks to the left and I go right – for such a big person Clive is really quiet. On the right I find a locked weapon locker – this could be interesting.
  • In the end I charge into the fray and Clive appears near the 4 cultists worshiping at the fire.
  • I go from one human shield to another and then we see the Corporate Mage that is the real leader here!
  • He hurts Clive and I eventually get close enough to knock him unconscious while Clive takes out the others and the Human that was trapped in the fire gets loose, casts a spell to help and heals Clive!
  • The human magically has the knife the main cultist was going to use to stab him with, fly across the area and hit the last ganger with an AK. The figure goes rigid and collapses… bn 
  • I snap the Corporate Mage’s neck and the battle is over – the mage’s familiar falls from the ceiling dead. That was the ‘feeling’ I felt outside.
  • We search the bodies and then throw them into the flames, even the one with the knife in it. Merlin does not want to touch the knife – it is evil and something about Insect spirit \ magic. That stuff is nasty! And the familiar gets thrown into the fire.
  • The items we have are:-

    •  5 AK’s and some ammo
    • Corp Mage’s ID and cred stick
    • All the bodies had the pentagram fresh on their chests EXCEPT the Corp Mage – his was a scar only.
  • I then show Clive and Merlin the weapon locker – Merlin looks at it through the astral plane and says there is something ‘magical’ about it inside.




  • I carry the AK’s and Thanos (Clive) has the locker and we go to the Tube – platform 4 and we wait. Merlin (assigned name) looks at the tube lines – he is a strange individual. We are also not the strangest things on the platform – there are humans with their ‘gimps’ crawling around like dogs. Sick fuckers. There was also a fire fight nearby and then it stopped.
  • We ask the human “Why were they trying to burn you?” He replies “My magic stopped it.” They also never said why they wanted to sacrifice him.
  • As we are waiting for the train a Ganger fight erupts! Though the gangers fired up the stairs they just came down and then jump into the tube lines and run – there was return fire from above – automatic fire.
  • A figure comes down and looks both ways and steps back. The idiot that shot the other one earlier from the smoke says ‘what the fuck are you looking at?’ to the obvious corp types (that were chasing the gangers) and the corporate guy shoots the idiot killing him.
  • The train starts to pull in at this point – it stops and we get in fast. We have some angle for a better view but I cannot tell who these corps are; they are corporate without a doubt. We hunker down for a better look as the train goes past.
  • 8 corporate guys in some really heavy duty shit and they have killed a lot of innocent people. As the train leaves one of the guys talks into a mic and then he kills the gimps and their masters!
  • We duck down and wait out the rest of the trip.
  • We look around and there is a guard cabin – I check the door and it is locked; Clive knocks on the door and a voice says ‘What? Go away?’
  • I say you saw the corporate guys kill everyone – ‘yes is the response’ – well open the door because they probably will come looking. There is a way out from the rear.
  • I say this is the best way out if we have to – the gangers are on the train but there are not many.
  • At the first station it is an open one. Pretty empty – bit of a warzone. If corps are involved then something big is going down. The human Merlin notices two corps watching from the shadows of the station – good pickup that as I missed them.
  • Doug (train warden) does his shit to single the train to move on – I move close so I can grab him if I have to but otherwise we all stay down.
  • Doug does his shizzle – waves the green flag, blows the whistle and the train leaves.
  • The two guys talk into a phone and we head towards the next station.
  • The gangers are in carriage 2 currently.
  • I ask Merlin to look around the astral again for something watching us. He does and says there is nothing around us, but he adds that he is talking to the entity in the box. It can reach out to magical creatures, but the box is a magic dampener. This is not good – what is in the box?
  • A tails monger (witch doctor – voodoo shit) has been involved with this shit.
  • Doug has fake meat! It is not soy!!! His wife gets it. I introduce myself as Panzer to Doug.
  • The train is being redirected to the Spur (573 – Blacktown Line). Doug rings the ops centre and says that is not procedure – he gets cut off and Leon (driver) says he got an email to say go to the Spur.
  • We decide to get off at the station before and we check the lost and found – get a cool duffle bag to hide the AK’s and a blanket for the locker.
  • We arrive at the next station and do the same thing again. No one gets on – the gangers are still in carriage two.
  • Merlin checks again at the point we slow down for the main line – the gangers are still there and just chilling.
  • We come towards the tube station before we leave the train – again Merlin says he cannot see any corps but we will be arriving at the manufacturing plants and workers are getting on but they do not come near us.
  • Doug is talking to ops and is not getting the answers he wants.
  • He comes back in and then makes an announcement – people are not happy about the redirection of the train to the Spur.
  • As we pull in to the last station before the redirection, we can see Knight Errant officers are on the station – I think they are a bit shady; Lone Star was better but I might be biased…
  • They are going to start something. Shoot first and ask questions later.
  • Doug steps out and waves his flashlight and the police wave back. After the train stops and Doug steps back in and makes his announcement and people start to leave the train and we decide to leave but a cop comes down and says to Doug ‘Have you seen these people?’ but as Doug is trying to say something about the gangers he can’t get a word in
  • He uses a megaphone and say the ‘Gangers’ are in Carriage 2!’
  • All hell breaks loose – cops and gangers shooting and we leave via the rear and go the long way round
  • We get to the stairs after gathering a lot of people and Merlin casts a golden barrier in front of the stairwell to help us leave.
  • Up top we see more police with automatic weapons charging down into the stairway.
  • The pictures the police were showing Doug were of people in lab coats – they were not the gangers. Very interesting.
  • Doug gets on a bus heading to the ops.
  • We blend in with the crowd and continue towards home doing a 30 min walk as we are in a middle class area.
  • Cops are still heading towards the station but we are looking innocent.
  • We get to the station that was closed for ‘work’ and it is dark but nothing seems to be happening – so much for the night work.
  • Outside of the rail station Clive sees four heat signatures but we continue on – Clive tells me what he saw and the guys did have weapons; I only saw shapes.
  • I think the gangers were used as a distraction after they were used by the lab people to escape \ leave wherever they were.
  • We duck down a side street – the four do not follow and then we see a hum-vee drive to the figures and more get out.
  • It is an Ares vehicle! Damn!!!!
  • Those lab techs must have been important. Did someone take something they should not have?!?!?!? This is bad shit indeed.
  • I do not think the locker has anything to do with Ares and is involved with a different Corp all together.
  • We finally arrive at my apartment and eat. It is a middle level life style and in a not too bad part of town. Because I was Lone Star crime is down around this complex.
  • We put the box in another room – Clive sits down and flicks through the channels for info on the shit going down.
  • Merlin seems to have an issue with my apartment – it is not good enough for him… his bad luck… he can always live on the street or become BBQ chicken for another group of freaks.
  • The train station is blacked out as well as the street around the station.
  • Nothing on the news about any of the fire fights at any of the stations so far.
  • Merlin has no idea what the Matrix is???? WTF – he was with EVO corp. I do not know what they are into but it will bare checking.
  • EVO – Russian Corporation – big into Biotech and Nanotech for meta humans. Ork chairman – a strange corporation. Another interesting developed.
  • Local reporter from Channel 693 – (independent station) – has a podcast and interviewed a trainspotter as the 573 service never arrived. Local police say there is an exercise going on (to explains the strange noices etc.) and Knight Errant confirms this and it will be over in a few hours. Rail-buses are carrying people to the next station. Knight Errant pricks covering everything up. 
  • I let De-Pinda know that Doug might be in touch one day as I did him a favour.


Trainspotting 1a
Merlin's perspective

I found myself in the most awkward situation today.  As I was walking down the street I was attacked and knocked out by someone (I would later learn that they were ‘gangbangers’.  I awoke to find myself hung up over a mountain of logs.  Eventually they would light the fire and I realise that they intend to burn me.  Using my magic, I manage to deflect the flames until I can get my hands free.  Just as that happens these two big figures come out of the shadow and attack the gang.  They were a troll and an orc who drew the attention of the gang allowing me to free myself.


I noticed that the troll became injured and rushed over to heal him.  They ended up making quick work of the remaining people.  They invited me to come with them (it seems they realised I had nowhere to go).


They introduced themselves as Panzer (Orc) and Mr T (Troll).  They discover a locked box which the gangbangers had and after some investigating I realise there seems to be a life form inside.  Its bio-mechanical lifeform.  Extremely powerful!


Panzer and Mr T take me to a subway station where we wait for a train.  There are some unusual people here.  There seems to be a fight and a shooting over a nonchalant issue while at the other end of the station is a group of men with elves chained to them on leashes??


As we are waiting a group of gangbangers come running down in what seems to be shoot-out with a ‘Megacorporation’ ‘Wetwork’ team.  The gangbangers race onto the train track and into the tunnel, while the Wetwork team starts taking out witnesses!

Luckily the train had arrived for us just then so we hoped on board and hid down.  We encountered the train conductor at the back of the train who seemed to be a decent fellow and we managed to gain his aid to allow us to reach our destination.

For some reason this train wasn’t going to take us to our destination, it instead was being diverted and Panzer and Mr T seemed worried by that.  They convinced the train ‘conductor’ (who messaged the driver) to end at the stop before the diversion and to get all the passengers to disembark. 

Upon arriving at this station there seemed to be a security force and I assumed they were here to pick up the gangbangers.  Instead it seemed they were after someone else but after the train conductor pointed out the gangbangers it started a shoot-out.  Panzer and Mr T huddled all the innocent bystanders out of there while I created a barrier to ensure that no one was hit by stray bullets from the shoot-out.  We managed to get outside where Panzer and Mr T decided we should walk to their apartment.  We did so and arrived back there shortly after.

Gangbangers – A group of people who terrorize those on the street – tend to have weapons

Wetwork – A euphemism for murder or assassination, alluding to spilling blood

MegaCorporation – The monolithic "enemies" of the Shadowrun world (borrowing heavily from cyberpunk mythos) are the Corporations, dubbed "Megacorporations", "Megacorps", or simply "megas" or "corps" for short. Megacorporations in the 21st century are massively global, with all but the smallest corps owning multiple subsidiaries and divisions around the world. They are the superpowers of the Shadowrun universe, with the largest corporations having far more political, economic, and military power than even the most powerful nation-states.

Conductor – A conductor (American and Canadian English) or guard (Commonwealth English) is a train crew member responsible for operational and safety duties that do not involve actual operation of the train.

Clive's notes from SR5 gaming session 2/12/16

After rescuing Merlin from the weirdo gangers we take the 5 AK's & the Lock Box & head to the subway. I'm carrying the Lock Box.

While waiting for the train we hear gun fire coming from across the platform & then nothing. I see a group of humans & they all have people dressed up in gimp suits acting like dogs (I look closely and see they are all females and maybe Elves).

Some random dude blows another dudes head off cause all he wanted was a light for his ciggie and the dude didn't have one.

While we are sitting there, I hear a commotion coming down the stairs (gangers) & they are firing back up the stairs at something & run out onto the tracks and down the tunnel.

Not long after a guy comes down the stairs & the dude that wanted a light looks at the guy and says "What???""What you looking at?" The guy pulls out a machine pistol and fills the guy with lead killing him. I think to myself "well he ain't got a lead deficiency no more… hehe"

Train pulls up and we get on. Just as we get on we see 8 guys (All Corp & wearing body armor and packing serious weapons. We also see about 9-10 dead bodies on the other side of the stairs in the opposite direction to where we were. As the train pulls out of the station, one of the Corp guys sees us & radios somebody as he follows the train down the platform opening up on the humans & gimps killing them all.

We enter the tunnel and hear the train horn sound and the train slows down & I think that a couple of the gangers have been smeared into "PINK MIST" by the train.

We sit down & try to be inconspicuous, well as inconspicuous as a troll can be, so I kick one of the seats loose and move it out of the way & sit down on the floor.

Panzer sees at door at the end of the carriage we are in and realize that it is a door to the driver/security guard room. I knock on the door and Panzer tells him to open up. He opens the door and is holding a remington room sweeper, and we proceed to tell him that the Corp people will be waiting at the next station.

The guard radioes the driver & he says that the only people he thinks are on the train were the gangers in the tunnel. They got on when the train slowed down after hitting a couplke of them and they are currently making their way thru the train.

As we are pulling into the next station, the guard gets ready to exit to signal the driver when people have finished exiting and entering the train. Panzer says not to exit the train. Merlin sees 2 guys hiding in the shadows & watching the train. We also learn the guards name is Doug.

Doug gets ready as we pull into the station and waves the green flag & signals & blows his whistle to let the driver know he can leave the station. And the train pulls out. Merlin looks at the "Corp" guys & sees one on his phone. Merlin then looks down thru the train "magically" & sees what he thinks is the gangers in carriage 2.

Panzer & I ask Merlin to do some magic stuff to see if he can see something that's hidden magically on the train. He sees nothing, but the Lock Boxi s talking to him. Panzer asks Merlin what's in the box & he says that it is a being or something.

Merlin asks if the station we are going to is closed in or open air. Doug says that the station we are going to has track works & are being diverted to "The Spur".

Panzer suggests we get off one stop before as it sounds like a trap set by the Corp.

Doug contacts the driver & they both decide to get off also. Panzer & I ask Dough if there is a lost property section and he goes & opens a floor board & we find a black duffle bag to put the AK's in & a blanker to cover the Lock Box with.

As we pull into the station, Merlin scans the station for "Corp" guys & doesn't see anyone. Nobody gets on & we leave the station. Doug says the next station is underground as we go under a river. We pick up speed as we are now on the main line.

Merlin looks at the gangers and they are just sitting down.

We pull into the next station & Merlin scans for "Corp" guys & again doesn't see anyone. The station is packed with people as its change of shift for the industrial sector. I scan the carriage for anything out of place (apart from us) and don't notice anything unusual. Doug goes over to a security post & opens it, picks up a phone & talks to operations & is complaining about being diverted to "The Spur". Doug comers back & is pissed & gets on the intercom& lets the passengers know that the train will be stopping at the next station due to track works at "Black Town Station". We have 10mins to the next station that we are getting off at.

As we approach the next station, we notice a few people here and there are also some guys looking out of place & wearing uniforms (KNIGHT ERRANT), Panzer says that these guys took his job & are a bunch of Assholes.

Panzer notices that they are on offense mode & are looking to start something. Doug hangs out of his door as we pull into the station& waves his flash light& a KNIGHT ERRANT responds back. Doug comes back in and gets on the intercom & announces that passengers can exit the train & catch buses or taxis home. As passengers exit the cops fan out & start looking for something or somen one. Doug talks to an officer who asks him if he has seen people. Doug tries to talk to him & the cop cuts him off & doesn't let him finish. Doug comes back inside grabs a megaphone & says "Hey you, What i was trying to tell you is that there are gangers in carriage 2!!!". All the cops turn and start toward carriage 2 and they start pulling weapons and a fire fight starts.

We leave & take Doug with us& also manage to get about 20 people at the same time and help them get out too.

Police are going down like flies as the gangers are partially covered in the carriage.

We put Doug onto a bus & we decide to walk. I blend into the crowd and try to act normal.

We see where we were to get off & notice that the is <u>NO</u> lights on the tracks& in fact no lights on at all at the station. I notice with my thermo vision 4 guys hiding behind cars outside the station & carrying weapons. I tell Panzer that I see this.

We hear a noise & notice that its a humvee & it is coming down the street with no lights on heading toward the station.

We arrive at Panzers place & we get settled. I put the Lock Boxinto the other room & I hear a voice say "Hello". I say to the others "did you guys say something to me?" Panzer says no & Merlin says the box is talking to me. I tell it to Shut-up. Panzer gives me a beer & Merlinsome water. I turn on the TV to watch the news. Panzer checks the Internet/Matrix & Merlin says "The What!!!". Panzer asks Merlin where is from & Merlin says "EVO". Panzer looks up stuff about EVO Corp


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