Frankie - aka 'Panzer'

I really despise bullies...


Name – Franklin Benjamin Victor (surname not listed)
Street Handle – Shield (with Lone Star), now Panzer or Tank.

Early Life
Growing up was difficult for Frankie as he was small of stature for an Ork living in the Ork Underground of Seattle. This resulted in him being the butt of many a cruel joke and the target of bullying. This never stopped him from trying to help others who were also bullied and it even made him friends with the other races of Seattle. Then puberty hit with a bang and things changed. No longer the runt, Frankie now was of equal height or towered over many of the ‘Bullies’ that had caused him and his friend’s pain. After making an example of a few of them, he was left alone.

Adulthood (15 years)
• Joined as a cadet to the Lone Star Academy program and eventually became a member of the Seattle Law Enforcement Service, Lone Star. He knew he was offered the position because of the political turmoil the Ork Underground had caused for the cities council, but he was fine with this as he had reached his first goal to be able to help those less fortunate.
• At age 18 Frankie was chosen to receive some specialist training by Ares Macro-Technology Corporation as he joined one of their new ‘Fire Teams’ with other Lone Star officers. It was also a selling point for Ares ‘goods and services’ as Lone Star were looking to upgrade old equipment.
• By age 20 he was a prominent member of the Seattle 5-0 Special Operations Group and was acting as a ‘go-between’ with the Ork Underground Police Force. He had also earned the handle ‘Shield’ as he was always there to protect the team.
• Then just after his 24th birthday the unthinkable happened – his ‘Fire Team’ entered a hostage situation (which was really a trap) and all the members of his team (as far as he knows) were killed with a few hostages dying in the process.
• Bad Intel was the ‘cause’ as far as the investigation concluded, but Frankie was still on ‘administrative leave’. Later Frankie heard that the ‘bad Intel’ had resulted in the death of the Mr Johnson that over saw the mission. This person had been hired by the Seattle Council. Served the dumbass right.
• Not long after this the Ork Underground was recognised as a district of Seattle and there was much celebration but not for Frankie. The next day the Knight Errant Corporation secured the Seattle Police Contract and he was let go as Lone Star shrunk and there was still the cloud over the last assignment. Frankie knows there is more to it than this but had nowhere to turn for answers.
• Meanwhile Knight Errant has moved in and taken over the policing of the city and it seems they are not as interested in being as ‘open’ with the Ork Underground now. This makes no sense to Frankie.
• Before leaving the ex-Lone Star HQ as the servers were fragged, Frankie was able to get a copy of the final report on his team and the hostages. A Knight Errant Sabre Team had been training in Seattle showing off their equipment etc. at the same time and as soon as the 5-0 team was ‘out of contact’ this group was sent in to complete the mission – and with better intel…
• The Sabre Teams success meant the contract went to Knight Errant. Something about this smelt off, but for now he would lay low.

Frankie - aka 'Panzer'

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