Clive "Mr. T" Zimmer

Bodyguard/Security/Jack of All Trades


Name – Clive “Mr. T” Zimmer Troll Name: Gulzahn Trazane (Clive does not know this name)
Street Handle – The Rock, Slugger (for the Baseball bat he carries around with him), Thanos to everyone else, Mr. T to his friends.

Early Life: Clive was left on the doorstep of an orphanage about 2 weeks after he was born as him mother (Troll) wanted a better life for him. The Zimmer family came to the orphanage looking to adopt a child, but they only wanted to adopt a non-human child and as he was the only non-human child there they adopted him. They gave him the name Clive and they all left that day. Clive’s parents had another child about a year later a daughter the called Trudy. As Clive and Trudy got older (Clive got bigger and bigger) he became a sort of protector for his sister. By the time he was 10 he was the height of a of a 20 year old human male. Clive was expelled from one private school that he and his sister attended. His sister was being bullied by a group of boys aged 15-16 hitting her, spitting on her and they ripped her shirt off. Clive stepped in and took all of them down breaking one of the boy’s arms in 4 places. After that nobody picked on her again. Clive however was expelled and sent to a really bad school in the slum area of Seattle where the teachers didn’t care about the students and really didn’t do much teaching.

Adulthood (Early Teens to now)
• Clive tried his best to get an education but it was hard at the school so he kinda just dropped out.
• When he was 15 (and being the height of a 25-30 year old human male) Clive joined the military. Here he learnt discipline and order and after 4 years he was a SGT. In the Army.
• At 19 he left the army and bought his first car, A Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit with the hopes of turning it into a classic car, Unfortunately it’s in his friends mechanic shop being totally rebuild into the classic car of his dreams. Soloman’s Mechanics (Jason Soloman: Owner)
• Clive’s friend (who he met when he was in the army) introduced Clive to some shady people who thought he would be good at cage fighting, So they gave him Bone Lacing, Cybereyes, Muscle Replacement and Wired Reflexes and told him he had to fight for them to pay off the cyberwear.
• So Clive spent the next year and a half doing cage fights and doing pretty well earning some creds after paying for the cyberwear after fight. He earned the street name “The Rock” cause he was like a rock when he got hit and just took it. After all the cyberwear was paid for he retired from cage fighting.
• During his last fight, a young up & coming simstar named Alison “Dazzler” Blaire (Her stage name is Dazzler) saw him fight and came up to him and offered him a job as her bodyguard as she was going thru a rough divorce with her ex-husband/manager. Clive took the job and stayed with her for about 3.5-4 years as her personal bodyguard. He introduced her to one of his old army bubbies who is now a Major in the army and they hit it off and are engaged to be married. Alison has taken a break from her career to focus on the birth of her son that she is going to name Clive after the man himself. Once she has decided if she will go back to singing she will find Clive and give him the job of personal bodyguard again. In this job he got the street names of Slugger (for the aluminium baseball bat he carries around with him) and Thanos from the late 2010-2016 marvel movies badguy cause everyone thought he looked like him.
• Alison set Clive up with a job as a Bouncer/Security on the door of a bar named ‘Rock and Troll’ bar. Here he met Frankie an orc also known as Panzer. Clive got the name of “Mr. T” by the owner, staff and the regulars. Anyone else who tries to call him Mr. T gets the shit kicked outta them. To everyone else he’s Known as Thanos but to his friends he’s Mr.T.

How Clive and Frankie Met Merlin
• Frankie and Clive both do shifts as door security \ bouncers at the Rock and Troll Bar.
• One evening Frankie and Clive were on their way to the Tube Station walking the old neighbourhood Frankie spent time in as a young Ork, the pair saw a group of Gangers beating up a young human.
• Frankie hates bullies – so much that he ‘intervened’ to stop the beating taking place. Frankie believed the young was going to be killed.
• Clive was not sure but followed Frankie into the fray protecting his back when the human ‘exploded’ before their eyes.
• With the Gangers stunned, Frankie, Clive and the young human made short work of the Gangers leaving none of them alive.
• After checking the young human and giving some first aid, they grabbed whatever valuables \ weapons \ ammo they could (to sell or use) and threw the human a shoulder and disappeared into the night.

Now (25 years)
• Clive lives in a decent apartment above the garage of his friend Jason Soloman’s house.

• Jason Soloman – (Motor Mechanic) Has Clive’s Jackrabbit in his shop to fix it and turn it into the classic car of Clive’s dreams
• Mr. Doors – (Fixer) (John Ramsay) Why do they call me Doors? Cause talking to me can open them for ya!!
• Mr. Johnson – Dude that gave Clive all his cyberwear and who Clive fought for during his time cage fighting.
• Alison “Dazzler” Blaire – (Rockstar) Clive was the personal bodyguard for Dazzler during her career as a Simstar and during her divorce from her ex-husband/manager.

Clive "Mr. T" Zimmer

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