Bob "Deadshot" Swagger


Real Name: Daniel “Dano” Leverson
Former Occupation: Ex-military Black Ops Specialist – Sniper
Former Team: Death Strike Alpha Team (DSAT)

Current Status:
Dano went AWOL after a failed mission that killed everyone on his elite team (DSAT). He has gone underground, believing that the failed mission was a setup between the military and the government in some type of power play.

Current motives:
Not willing to return to his former employer until he has some answers on how and why his team was targeted (either betrayed/misinformed or some type of government/corporate espionage)

Remain under the radar as long as possible and undertake jobs that are clean quick kills and low profile, while working in the background to establish connections and leverage with government resources to dig deeper into the failed mission.

The failed mission:
DSAT was sent in to perform a regular extraction mission, where a high profile government figurehead had been taken hostage as part of a corporate blackmail transaction. After scoping out the premises, everything looked the part of an easy extraction for DSAT, but all went south when Dano (as part of his overwatch role) noted an extreme number of assailants converging via ground and air attacks that had quickly infiltrated the building, shortly after DSAT had entered the building.

Dano had alerted the team quickly, but the engagement was already on in full force from what he could hear over the commlink. At the same time he noted two drones inbound to his location, that required his immediate attention, and he shot them out of the air before they could get close enough to find him. Calling for his team over the commlink, he got no response. He waited for a couple of minutes, but knowing that another drone engagement might occur at any moment, he decided to abandon his position and move to an alternative location to provide support.

Dano continued to listen in through the open commlink and get his team members to acknowledge their status, but after 10 minutes there was no further communication. He moved to another building and observed a number of assailants carrying out his dead team members. More surprisingly was the fact that the vehicle was been driven by a military officer. What the hell was going on? They had all been killed. How? Why? And for what agenda? He decided to hightail it out of there and go underground for a while to do his own investigation. Whether rational or not, he figured that if the military was involved somehow, but not sure in what way or capacity, he decided against returning back to his base of operations.

Bob "Deadshot" Swagger

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