Three is not we're bringing a Troll

Trainspotting 1a

Merlin's perspective

I found myself in the most awkward situation today.  As I was walking down the street I was attacked and knocked out by someone (I would later learn that they were ‘gangbangers’.  I awoke to find myself hung up over a mountain of logs.  Eventually they would light the fire and I realise that they intend to burn me.  Using my magic, I manage to deflect the flames until I can get my hands free.  Just as that happens these two big figures come out of the shadow and attack the gang.  They were a troll and an orc who drew the attention of the gang allowing me to free myself.


I noticed that the troll became injured and rushed over to heal him.  They ended up making quick work of the remaining people.  They invited me to come with them (it seems they realised I had nowhere to go).


They introduced themselves as Panzer (Orc) and Mr T (Troll).  They discover a locked box which the gangbangers had and after some investigating I realise there seems to be a life form inside.  Its bio-mechanical lifeform.  Extremely powerful!


Panzer and Mr T take me to a subway station where we wait for a train.  There are some unusual people here.  There seems to be a fight and a shooting over a nonchalant issue while at the other end of the station is a group of men with elves chained to them on leashes??


As we are waiting a group of gangbangers come running down in what seems to be shoot-out with a ‘Megacorporation’ ‘Wetwork’ team.  The gangbangers race onto the train track and into the tunnel, while the Wetwork team starts taking out witnesses!

Luckily the train had arrived for us just then so we hoped on board and hid down.  We encountered the train conductor at the back of the train who seemed to be a decent fellow and we managed to gain his aid to allow us to reach our destination.

For some reason this train wasn’t going to take us to our destination, it instead was being diverted and Panzer and Mr T seemed worried by that.  They convinced the train ‘conductor’ (who messaged the driver) to end at the stop before the diversion and to get all the passengers to disembark. 

Upon arriving at this station there seemed to be a security force and I assumed they were here to pick up the gangbangers.  Instead it seemed they were after someone else but after the train conductor pointed out the gangbangers it started a shoot-out.  Panzer and Mr T huddled all the innocent bystanders out of there while I created a barrier to ensure that no one was hit by stray bullets from the shoot-out.  We managed to get outside where Panzer and Mr T decided we should walk to their apartment.  We did so and arrived back there shortly after.

Gangbangers – A group of people who terrorize those on the street – tend to have weapons

Wetwork – A euphemism for murder or assassination, alluding to spilling blood

MegaCorporation – The monolithic "enemies" of the Shadowrun world (borrowing heavily from cyberpunk mythos) are the Corporations, dubbed "Megacorporations", "Megacorps", or simply "megas" or "corps" for short. Megacorporations in the 21st century are massively global, with all but the smallest corps owning multiple subsidiaries and divisions around the world. They are the superpowers of the Shadowrun universe, with the largest corporations having far more political, economic, and military power than even the most powerful nation-states.

Conductor – A conductor (American and Canadian English) or guard (Commonwealth English) is a train crew member responsible for operational and safety duties that do not involve actual operation of the train.



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