Three is not we're bringing a Troll


Clive's notes from SR5 gaming session 2/12/16

After rescuing Merlin from the weirdo gangers we take the 5 AK's & the Lock Box & head to the subway. I'm carrying the Lock Box.

While waiting for the train we hear gun fire coming from across the platform & then nothing. I see a group of humans & they all have people dressed up in gimp suits acting like dogs (I look closely and see they are all females and maybe Elves).

Some random dude blows another dudes head off cause all he wanted was a light for his ciggie and the dude didn't have one.

While we are sitting there, I hear a commotion coming down the stairs (gangers) & they are firing back up the stairs at something & run out onto the tracks and down the tunnel.

Not long after a guy comes down the stairs & the dude that wanted a light looks at the guy and says "What???""What you looking at?" The guy pulls out a machine pistol and fills the guy with lead killing him. I think to myself "well he ain't got a lead deficiency no more… hehe"

Train pulls up and we get on. Just as we get on we see 8 guys (All Corp & wearing body armor and packing serious weapons. We also see about 9-10 dead bodies on the other side of the stairs in the opposite direction to where we were. As the train pulls out of the station, one of the Corp guys sees us & radios somebody as he follows the train down the platform opening up on the humans & gimps killing them all.

We enter the tunnel and hear the train horn sound and the train slows down & I think that a couple of the gangers have been smeared into "PINK MIST" by the train.

We sit down & try to be inconspicuous, well as inconspicuous as a troll can be, so I kick one of the seats loose and move it out of the way & sit down on the floor.

Panzer sees at door at the end of the carriage we are in and realize that it is a door to the driver/security guard room. I knock on the door and Panzer tells him to open up. He opens the door and is holding a remington room sweeper, and we proceed to tell him that the Corp people will be waiting at the next station.

The guard radioes the driver & he says that the only people he thinks are on the train were the gangers in the tunnel. They got on when the train slowed down after hitting a couplke of them and they are currently making their way thru the train.

As we are pulling into the next station, the guard gets ready to exit to signal the driver when people have finished exiting and entering the train. Panzer says not to exit the train. Merlin sees 2 guys hiding in the shadows & watching the train. We also learn the guards name is Doug.

Doug gets ready as we pull into the station and waves the green flag & signals & blows his whistle to let the driver know he can leave the station. And the train pulls out. Merlin looks at the "Corp" guys & sees one on his phone. Merlin then looks down thru the train "magically" & sees what he thinks is the gangers in carriage 2.

Panzer & I ask Merlin to do some magic stuff to see if he can see something that's hidden magically on the train. He sees nothing, but the Lock Boxi s talking to him. Panzer asks Merlin what's in the box & he says that it is a being or something.

Merlin asks if the station we are going to is closed in or open air. Doug says that the station we are going to has track works & are being diverted to "The Spur".

Panzer suggests we get off one stop before as it sounds like a trap set by the Corp.

Doug contacts the driver & they both decide to get off also. Panzer & I ask Dough if there is a lost property section and he goes & opens a floor board & we find a black duffle bag to put the AK's in & a blanker to cover the Lock Box with.

As we pull into the station, Merlin scans the station for "Corp" guys & doesn't see anyone. Nobody gets on & we leave the station. Doug says the next station is underground as we go under a river. We pick up speed as we are now on the main line.

Merlin looks at the gangers and they are just sitting down.

We pull into the next station & Merlin scans for "Corp" guys & again doesn't see anyone. The station is packed with people as its change of shift for the industrial sector. I scan the carriage for anything out of place (apart from us) and don't notice anything unusual. Doug goes over to a security post & opens it, picks up a phone & talks to operations & is complaining about being diverted to "The Spur". Doug comers back & is pissed & gets on the intercom& lets the passengers know that the train will be stopping at the next station due to track works at "Black Town Station". We have 10mins to the next station that we are getting off at.

As we approach the next station, we notice a few people here and there are also some guys looking out of place & wearing uniforms (KNIGHT ERRANT), Panzer says that these guys took his job & are a bunch of Assholes.

Panzer notices that they are on offense mode & are looking to start something. Doug hangs out of his door as we pull into the station& waves his flash light& a KNIGHT ERRANT responds back. Doug comes back in and gets on the intercom & announces that passengers can exit the train & catch buses or taxis home. As passengers exit the cops fan out & start looking for something or somen one. Doug talks to an officer who asks him if he has seen people. Doug tries to talk to him & the cop cuts him off & doesn't let him finish. Doug comes back inside grabs a megaphone & says "Hey you, What i was trying to tell you is that there are gangers in carriage 2!!!". All the cops turn and start toward carriage 2 and they start pulling weapons and a fire fight starts.

We leave & take Doug with us& also manage to get about 20 people at the same time and help them get out too.

Police are going down like flies as the gangers are partially covered in the carriage.

We put Doug onto a bus & we decide to walk. I blend into the crowd and try to act normal.

We see where we were to get off & notice that the is <u>NO</u> lights on the tracks& in fact no lights on at all at the station. I notice with my thermo vision 4 guys hiding behind cars outside the station & carrying weapons. I tell Panzer that I see this.

We hear a noise & notice that its a humvee & it is coming down the street with no lights on heading toward the station.

We arrive at Panzers place & we get settled. I put the Lock Boxinto the other room & I hear a voice say "Hello". I say to the others "did you guys say something to me?" Panzer says no & Merlin says the box is talking to me. I tell it to Shut-up. Panzer gives me a beer & Merlinsome water. I turn on the TV to watch the news. Panzer checks the Internet/Matrix & Merlin says "The What!!!". Panzer asks Merlin where is from & Merlin says "EVO". Panzer looks up stuff about EVO Corp



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