Three is not we're bringing a Troll

Playing With Fire

Session 2 Prequel

We Sleep. I dream that I am back where we rescued Merlin & he's not tied up to the fire, but he is there and the fire is still burning & its calling to me saying "Come, Come" and then the dream goes away.

I wake up to screams & I grab my baseball bat & open the door to see what all the commotion is about.

Panzer is there also. Merlin says "he was on fire" & says that he was back at the bonfire & is sweating like a pig & says "I think it's the box, it's bad". Panzer does a quick first aid check & notices something on Merlin. I mention I had the same dream, but not as bad as Merlin. Merlin and I had a linked dream of sorts.

Panzer says he's going back to bed & says to Merlin to have some water and try to get some sleep. I go back to bed. Panzer and I get some sleep & Merlin has some trouble sleeping.

We let Merlin sleep, while Panzer cooks breakfast (soy crap). He tells me what he found on Merlin and I go "WTF :O"

Panzer rings his contact "Mr. Victor" & is told he is unavailable & that he will ring Panzer back. 2 hours later Panzer gets a call from an unkown number & says "Good Morning Uncle", and explains what we have in the closet. Panzer makes a times for someone to come and looks at the box.

I say I'm going to the stuffa shack to get everybody some food. As I'm leaving, I help an old lady take rubbish out & go outside & walk down to the shop. I have a look around as i cross the road. I walk toward the shack & the shop link comes up in my eyes & i notice that they have REAL MEAT. I enter the shop & Apu is behind the counter & asks "What would I like today?" I say meat & he says SOY MEAT OR MEAT MEAT. I say meat meat and we go down to his "meat locker". He has salami, champagne ham & pork. Apu says 53 credits a slice and I ask for 3 slices of each (450 credits) & Apu throws in some drinks & chips for free. I pay & grab the stuff & leave. As I am leaving the shack, a dude walks in dressed in a lined coat & sunglasses, nods at me as I exit & I nod back. I swipe myself into the building & go up to Panzers apartment via the elevator. I come inside & Merlin is awake & looks like he has had a shower. Merlin tries the soy crap & immedately throws it up in the kitchen sink.

Panzer gets a buzz on his intercom & buzzes somebody in, Then there is a knock on the door. Panzer opens it & a gentleman says he is "Mr. Wolf" and he is an associate of "Mr. Victor"

Panzer shows Mr Wolf the box & explains what the box is & Mr Wolf does some scans & plugs into his deivce & says that the box has magical properties. He takes out his phone & takes a photo & then makes a call. We only here his side of the conversation. We make a deal of a $10,000 credit retainer for the box and then 15% of the total price when the box is sold.

Panzer & Mr Wolf make small talk and is told by his "uncle" to call your mother.

Panzer transfers $3,300 credits into my account and I text my Mechanic to say that I am transferring $2,000 to him to buy more parts for my Jackrabbit. He tells me $100K to make it the Jackrabbit of all Jackrabbits, so far I have given him $15k and now another $2,000.

Panzer says tht he wants to start his own security firm. Also says that working for his uncle is an option but he wants to be his own person. He said maybe start out being like a liason group between the Ork Underground and the local council.

Panzer says to Merlin that we both have a shift at the club tonight & asks if he would like to stay here or come with us. Merlin says he would like to come as he would like to see more of the city.

Panzer gets a call from Dupinder (taxi driver) & says he has a delivery. We buzz him up & let him in. He's carrying a plate. Panzer takes it into the kitchen & removes the cloth off the top and there is 6 steaks and some cold cuts. Dupinder is asked to stay for a steak. He says Doug and his wife gave him this to deliver to us and that he also got $100 credits to make the delivery. Dupinder & I go to the Stuffa Shack to get dinks & Panzer says that Apu had a visitor today. We go into the stuffa shack to get drinks and a really nice card for Doug & his wife.

Dupinder talks to Apu in Indian and asks about his visitor he had today. While I'm looking at cards he comes up to me and says that Apu's visitors were looking for somebody. He said the person they were looking for is small. I mention Merlin's description and Dupinder says that it matches the description of who they are looking for. Dupinder goes and get drinks and pays for them. I get a really nice card.

We leave & I have a look around & notice a dude hiding really well. I glance in his direction again & I spook him & he starts walking. I sneak to follow him & blend in really well and he can't see me. He starts to say something into his headset & I walk up behind him and say "Did you loose something?" & punch him to knock him out, but instead i accidently snap his neck :(. I hold him up & carry him back to the apartment (like he"s drunk). People look at me strangely. Dupinder is waiting for me & swipes us in. We get in the elevator & there is a lady in there also. I bring him inside & say this is ne of the guys from the car this morning. I say they are looking for Merlin.

Panzer and I strip the guy & take all his weapons and gear. Panzer breaks the guys headset comms device. Panzer checks out the ring and there is nothing special about it. Merlin does a magical sense on the guy and can tell that the guy had been around a mage in the last couple of hours.

Panzer says that we need to get rid of the body along with his face and finger prints). Dupinder drives in under the building & we take "Bernie" down stairs & we get in the taxi. We leave & go to the place where we found Merlin, to see if anybody has found the bodies. We notice a couple of corp guys hiding along the path/road that goes toward the building where the bodies are. We continue away from them & keep going. We head toward another warehouse area so we can dispose of the body. Dupinder takes us to Outreamer to dispose of the body. We go into the transit centre & go down to level 5 to dispose of the body. Merlin does his thing to get rid of "Bernies" face and finger prints.

As we are walking back to Dupinder we see a Semi-trailer go pass & go down the side of the centre. We get into the taxi & go to the "rock & troll". We arrive & the shift manager says "your early" & Panzer says "had some stuff to take care of". "Also this is a friend of ours "M" and can he wait in the tea room while we are on shift?" and he says "Yeah Ok."

I'm on the door and get the usual crowd & stupid people coming and going. About half way thru the night I get a couple of guys come to the door (look like runners). They ask how much is the cover charge? I look them over looking for concealed weapons (shotguns, assault rifles, ETC), they are all carrying heavy weapons & are dressed like runners. I say "Gentlemen keep your weapons holsted & we don't want any trouble tonight & cover charge is $15 credits each." Front guys says "I'm paying for all 5." I hold out the cred scanner & he swipes his stick & go inside.

Panzer mentions the guys that just walked in have split up & noticed him at the V.I.P. 2 others went to the bar and the other 2 went to a table. Ronaldo says "Panzer, do you need help?" I say Ronaldo can you come to the door. Ronaldo comes to the door & says "Clive you can go" I say "Thanks Ronaldo, your a good little man, HeHeHe" & he says "Clive your ugly" & "I may be small but I'm big where it counts HaHaHa" "I reply TMI Ronaldo".

I blend into the crowd & go over near the guy at the door.

Tom says over the radio that the guy near the door is a powerful mage. After a while the dude at the door walks over to his friends at the table. Ronaldo says there  is a VIP party of 5 (local mafia). 2 dudes at the bar start getting agitatied & one starts walking towards the door & starts putting his hand into his jacket and pulls out a smoke and lighter. Dude is smoking outside.

I hear hear over my comms "Front Door, emergency, Gun, Gun, Gun" I sneak over to the door & hear "BANG BANG BANG" & Panzer says "Shots Fired" I sneak outside & see people scattering & the twitchie guy on the ground & Ronaldo standing over him and the Ares Predator on the ground next to him. Ronaldo has been shot & the guy is unconcious. I notice the driver of the Ford Americar has his window down a bit and he has a gun balanced on the window aimed at Ronaldo.

I pull out my silenced Ares Predator & aim & shoot the guy in the car blowing his brains all over the inside of the car. Ronaldo has taken a hit to his mid section. I say to Ronaldo to grab the gun on the ground & he says "what did you shoot at?" I say "driver in the Americar or whats left of him." I zip tie the twitchie guy and start to take him around into the alley towards the back of the club. Ronaldo picks up the gun and takes the bullets out and puts the gun in the trash. As I'm walking around the side of the club I see the Americar peel out from where is was parked. Ronaldo closes the front door from the outsit and says into the comms "Club is in lockdown."

I zip tie the dude & take him into the back door of the club & leave him there. I silently open the door to the bar & sneak out. I see where the mage is & sneak over to him. I sneak up to him and see that he's already been shot & I put a bullet into his head.

I see the leader drop his gun & starts to run towards the door and me. Merlin said something that scared the crap outta him. As he is running toward me I shoot him in the chest and he is not happy. I shoot him again and kill him.

After its all done Merlin heals Ronaldo and they take all the dead bodies and gear out the back and I return to the door.

The Music Preformer does her set and finishes about 45mins later, after that people start to leave so i can let more people in. The club now turns into an actual dance club for all the younger people.

The mafia guys start to leave and as they walk out the front door Luigi bumps into me and starts going off like a tool (as he is drunk). I say "Please leave and have a nice night" Luigi starts swearing at me and calling me names and saying stuff like he is gonna take me down. I ask them to leave again and again Luigi keeps wanting to have a go. At this point i pull out my baseball bat and ask them to leave before the police are called. Luigi's bodyguard draws his weapon and stands in front of Luigi. I stay standing at the door and wait. Luigi then proceeds to throw up and then decides to let his friend put him into the car. The bodyguard puts his weapon away and gets in the passenger seat and they drive off. 10mins later a female Elf walks out with her entourage and get in their car and also leave. Bartender calls last drinks and then everybody leaves and the bar closes.

We interogate the hostage "Lynx" & he says that they were here to talk to Panzer about a certain box. Lynx says he can contact his employer "John" & he calls him. John answers the phone and Panzer talks to him and discusses the certain box. John hangs up and Lynx is on his own. Merlin says to Lynx "How did you know my real name?" Lynx says the leader "Ken" has pics of Merlin & Panzer & thats why they were wanting to talk to us.

Lynx tells us everything we pretty much want to know about everything.



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