The Shadows are Alive

Seattle, 2075.

A city of streets, sprawls and corporations, where the strong maneuver their assets across the board in an endless game, pitting deniable pawns against one another in endless battle.

From out of the shadows three comrades emerge.  Different backgrounds, different skills.  Thrown together as they test their abilities and their wits, trying to haul themselves above the pack.  The trick will be whether these three pawns kill their enemies or each other.  Trust is something hard earned in these streets chummer.  You need to be quick, or you will be dead.

In a place where only the strongest survive, it will be interesting to see if three is really enough…


Turns out three IS NOT enough, but the lads aren't worried, they have a plan….they are bringing a Troll


Three is not we're bringing a Troll

Novalar Philvarce Keldon Dezarin